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I love to teach people all type of people how to achieve  their own artistic ideas. I really like to teach people "the rules", then artists can choose to use the rules or choose not to use the rules. 
I teach, drawing, painting , cartooning, shading, use of texture, perspective, composition, colour theory, with tips and tricks for topics. 


-I have been teaching people how to create since 1999. 
-I bought Instant Print Shop in 2022. 
I had worked for the previous  instant print shop owner(Bryan Leckie) in 2006-2008.  I know about many of his loyal customers and their needs and didn't want to give up the instant print part.  I also didn't want to give up the teaching part , I decided to combine the two, hence Curvey Lines Art School and Print Shop. I also love dogs and decided to breed them. I can't seem to give up on that part either
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